Mdesign has the resources not only to design your website, but to work with you to develop your entire web presence. Web development goes beyond web design, asking questions like, “How will the site fit the needs of my brand?” and “How will this website support our efforts in Marketing, e-commerce or lead generation?”

Mdesign Developments

Mdesign worked with Clearwing Productions to review their then-current website and re-map their website with built-in SEO compatibility, and work out a content integration plan. We then worked on a new visual design for the site and coded the site with current coding techniques on the MODX platform. Once the coding was complete we assisted with content integration and performed testing for code validation and cross-browser compatibility.

Mdesign can assist you with on-page SEO, online marketing and social media campaigns, or we can work with your existing resources to integrate these campaigns into your new site.