AZ 100th Anniversary

Mdesign worked with Entertainment Solutions to coordinate and install event signs and decor at 100th Anniversary celebrations in Prescott and Phoenix.

Anyone can hang a banner – but Mdesign can make it look like no one else.
Not many designers actually go out and climb ladders and wield zip ties at an event. This experience helps us to understand the overall sign program and design accordingly so Mdesign can go from a concept, through the design and production process and do the installations.

We made sure all sign materials were on site and in good condition – and did high-quality presentations. In addition to decor items, we worked with the event staff to make sure that everything needed for fire and liquor compliance was in place before the start of the event.

After the event our crew collected and inventoried all materials and packaged them for storage, making one less thing for an event manager to worry about.