14 Years of Mdesign and Oktoberfest

Mdesign has been working with the Oktoberfest at Tempe Town Lake since 1999. That's 14 years of flyers, event programs, website updates, signs, banners and more. We've been at it through changes with the event management, event name changes, … [Read more...]

Password resets coming for all hosted accounts

One of the services Mdesign offers is web hosting. Recently, there have been password incursions on accounts one a server in the data center where we host. One compromised account had over 10,000 spam emails a minute going out! Not only does this jam … [Read more...]

Ranting about branding

A client recently asked me to redesign a logo, and I started thinking about how just having a logo in place doesn't necessarily mean that you have your brand wrapped up. The following is the result of a few emails back and forth between me and a … [Read more...]